Ulster County Lyme Disease Support Group May Meeting

// May 14th, 2011 // Support Groups

Happy Lyme Disease Awareness Month everyone!!!
This is to inform those in the Ulster County (NY) area, our monthly Lyme Disease support group meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, May 25th at 6:30pm.  The Ulster County Support Group meets every 4th Wednesday of the month at the address listed below.  A great group of people to come out and share your struggles and successes with as we fight this disease together.

Ulster County Lyme Disease support group meets every 4th Wednesday at 6:30pm at 84 Zena Rd in Kingston (Hudson Valley Sudbury School).  For more info please contact March Gallagher, the leader of this support group at march@hvc.rr.com.


Wednesday May 25th, 6:30 pm at the Hudson Valley Sudbury School

84 Zena Road

Kingston, NY 12401

2 Responses to “Ulster County Lyme Disease Support Group May Meeting”

  1. Allen P. Murphy says:

    I have recently been diagnosed with both old and new Lyme disease. I would like to come to a meeting of your group in Kingston. My phone number is {phone number removed, please use email address}.

  2. Allen, your comment got lost in the emails on this. The meetings in Kingston/Woodstock are the 4th Wednesday of every month at 84 Zena Rd at Sudbury (think that’s the name) school. Time is 6:30 or 7. Email me at lymebitesdotcom@yahoo.com and I can give you her email address and contact info to get onto the mailing list of upcoming events. So sorry this got lost for so long. I’m still learning the technical things and then as always they change stuff around. I also have been so extremely ill for the last 2 years the site has been severely neglected and I’m in the middle of fixing that and learning as my brain works a little more. Also Allen, I’m editing your post to take your phone number if that’s okay. Just for your own protection, phone numbers on websites often get picked up and then traced back to you….I recently found out my cell phone number is listed on hundreds of sites as reverse look up…luckily though the Do Not Call list has helped, but not having a home phone I figured piece of cake! And I have done a lot of work nationally and regionally, with quite a bot locally. I know its a year after your comment, but email me and let me know how you’re doing and anything I can do to help. I’m also trying to combing a Lyme army that islocal….or at least a database of people with it, or who are interested in meetings etc…and it would be very proteccted for just me. It’shard sometimes to work on a project of some sorty and need help but you get national help, and need to get more local people involved, OR let local people know there is something to get inolved in. Ulster county is leading the state in number of reported cases this year (last I heard) so we should all be concerned and helping others get help, first and biggest rule in Ulster County is leave Ulster county for help…and stay away from Dr. Tack. I am not a medical professional, I’ve seen over 30 of them to get a idea of a good Dr and a bad Dr when it comes to Lyme (many are great Dr’s who don’t have the knowledge, and they are the ones that let us share the knowledge with them, others have egos so big and have been SO wrong for so long it’s hard to get through to them. But Dr. Tack is one Dr I have said I’d offer my monthly check to loved ones to NOT see him. If you come to our support group meeting you can hear lots of experiences. But I do hope, though it’s so late, that you get this and are able to be a part of the group, but also that you are feeling better. And I apologize again for being down for so long and not having any back up. Good luck, hope to hear from you. Eric

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