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December 7th Featured Artist And Giveaway for Lymenaide Holiday Bazaar!

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It’s time for a new Featured Artist and Giveaway in our hLymenaide Holiday Bazaar!!!  It’s Molly Murphy, author of the blog I’m In The Lyme-Light and talented jewelry artist!

The giveaway item is a truly amazing peace that says ‘Hope’ on it.  It would make an amazing gift…for someone on your list, or for yourself!!!

To read more about Molly’s creativity and outlook on living with Lyme, check out our Featured Artist!!  That’s where you’ll find out how to enter the giveaway to win Molly’s beautiful piece shown here!

molly giveaway

December 2nd Lymenaide Holiday Bazaar Featured Artist and Giveaway!!

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The next Featured Artist in the Lymenaide Holiday Bazaar is Susanne Schlador of Lavande de Bois.  We are all very excited about her chemical free creations!  Those who suffer from chemical sensitivities have to check this out, and make sure to enter for the giveaway!!

To read about Susanne and enter the giveaway, visit the Featured Artist webpage!

Lymenaide Holiday Bazaar November 29th Featured Artist – Sharon Rainey

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sharon 1The Featured Artist for Monday, November 29th for the Lymenaide Holiday Bazaar is Sharon Rainey!  Included with her being Featured Artist there is also a giveaway involved of her recently published book, ‘Making A Pearl From The Grit of Life’.  I for one have this book, and am reading it now and truly enjoying it.  Inspiration is priceless, and Sharon’s ability to inspire through sharing her story is inspiring.

Please head over to the bazaar, check out our Featured Artist and enter the giveaway for a copy of Sharon’s book!  Read Sharon’s story and find out how to enter to win the giveaway at the Lymenaide Holiday Bazaar Featured Artist!!

Remember, all of the artists in the bazaar are people who support themselves or their treatment because they have Lyme, or a loved one of someone who has Lyme, and is supporting the Lyme community.  This holiday season we have a great opportunity to support those that need it, while also getting some very exciting and creative gifts…for people on our lists AND for ourselves!!

Help support the Lyme Community!

sharon book jpeg

Lymenaide Holiday Bazaar Update – November 29th

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As I’ve mentioned before, our Lymenaide Holiday Bazaar is in full swing.  We’re adding more and more artists.  We also have had a generous donation in order to help artists who want to have a booth, but can’t afford to buy one, be able to get help in buying a booth.  So if you’re one of those artists, please contact us, you may be able to get help with a sponsor.

Each Monday and Thursday we have a featured artist with a giveaway.  The last giveaway was won by Chris Nimphius.  Ashley van Tol was the Featured Artist by doing a give a way, and one of her amazing creations was the lucky item Chris won.

Just to clear up a few things about each of roles.  Ashley started Lymenaide in 2009.  She is the founder of the website, as well as the Lymenaide organization.  Right now that consists of Ashley, myself, Candice and Nani.  We each have our individual roles in the team, and on our awareness projects.  Someone wondered why Ashley was a featured artist in the holiday bazaar if it’s Lymenaide, and she created Lymenaide.  The bazaar is run by all 4 of us, Ashley and Nani both are artists who have booths in the bazaar.  Just like all other artists, if they do a giveaway they can be a featured artist.  Ashley is another artist in the bazaar, that’s why she was featured artist, just as the other artists who have been and will be featured artists.

The Lymenaide website is being redeveloped right now, to be set up to work on our projects.  From things like the PSA’s, to the bazaar and our upcoming Messages of Hope.  Lymenaide will become a site about awareness, resources for awareness, and the projects the Lymenaide team is working on.  LymeBites continues to be my website, for information on Lyme, my own journey with Lyme, as well as my writing.  Ashley and Candice both have blogs on LymeBites, in addition to their own websites.  The main thing is we are a team, who are each doing their own thing, but Ashley’s vision brought us together and saw how each of our individual visions worked together into creating the Lymenaide dream team to help bring about awareness.

Got off topic there, but I know it can be confusing who is who and doing what.  So know you understand a little better that beyond the website Lymenaide, we are also an organization raising awareness.

So today is Monday, which means a Featured Artist will be posted today, along with a giveaway.  Ask your friends and family to join in the giveaway, it may be something you’d like for Christmas!  I will be keeping the bazaar info here on LymeBites also, so people know when there is giveaways, as well as who has one.

So be sure and check out the bazaar today, learn about our featured artist and the current giveaway.  Don’t forget to check out all our other talented artists, with more being added all the time.  On the days we aren’t doing the Featured Artist with a giveaway, I’ll be posting the “artist of the day”, each day picking a different artist, talking about their store and their creations.  If you follow me personally, or the LymeBites “fan page”, click here to go to the Facebook page for LymeBites, as well as on Twitter (@erut10, my personal account and @lymebites, the LymeBites account), you’ll be kept abreast of each day’s artist of the day.

We’re hearing a lot of good news from the artists as they are having sales from the bazaar, as well as hearing from many pleased customers who have received their purchases already.  Help support those with Lyme, as well as the loved ones of Lyme, many of whom rely on the sales of their stores as income, or to pay for treatment.  Tell your family and friends about it, and ask them to please help support those in the Lyme community.

One last thing, some people have questioned who earns the money for sales with the bazaar.  All proceeds of all sales go directly to the owner of the booth.  Some artists have offered to donate portions of the profits to different Lyme organizations, but unless specified all proceeds go directly to the artist.  Lymenaide makes no money off of sales between artist and buyer.  We really just want a way to be able to help support other Lymies in the community this holiday season, and we hope you’ll join us in supporting these artists.

Lymenaide Holiday Bazaar Featured Artist And Giveaway – November 18th

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shaunaEach Monday and Thursday the Lymenaide Holiday Bazaar will be having a Featured Artist who is doing a giveaway.  To read about the giveaway and how you can enter to win please visit our current Featured Artist, Shauna Prudhomme – Key Element Jewelry.

Special thanks to Shauna, her amazingly inspirational creations, and her current giveaway.  Remember you can’t win the prize if you don’t enter!  So go check out Shauna’s amazing stuff now and enter to win!!