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Dr. Phil Addresses Lyme Disease

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I probably should have posted about this BEFORE he did the show on Friday the 13th (really…that’s a good thing) covering Lyme disease. I’m posting about it now because he said he knew it would be a big thing on Facebook and Twitter and the Internet. So let’s prove him right, and thank him first of all for addressing such a tough and controversial issue. And secondly, to ask him to do follow up shows.

If you missed the show, it was aired on the 4/13/12 (in case you want to order the DVD or look for it on other channels). I’m including a link where you can see 4 YouTube clips of the episode, as well as ways to leave messages asking for a couple forms of follow up. If you could take a few minutes out of your day to help me, and the hundreds of thousands of others like me around the world it would mean so much to us, so much more than you can imagine the difference your few minutes can make.

I am copying and pasting this directly from Facebook and at the end will include the link for the Dr. Phil website:

This is a major breakthrough for Lyme Disease Awareness. Please, Please, Please, watch the following … and post on the message boards thanking THE DOCTOR PHIL SHOW and asking for follow up shows!!!!

Dr Phil Show On Lyme Disease

Dr Phil – After Show Discussing Politics of Lyme Disease

To Contact Dr. Phil Click Here
Dr Phil's Facebook Page

Eric’s Lyme Interview on WNYT

// July 23rd, 2010 // 2 Comments » // Eric's Blog, Lyme Media, LymeBites Blog

100_3970The link was posted today for the interview I did last month with Benita Zahn and Dr. Steven Bock, the story aired yesterday.

Eric’s Interview With Benita Zahn

Expert Says Some Lyme Disease Is Difficult To Treat – Albany NY Times Union 06/02/10

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I woke up to several emails and messages about this article in the local Albany paper.  For those in the area don’t forget Dr. Cameron is doing a presentation tomorrow geared towards medical professionals.  Good article, glad to see so many news outlets are picking up on the true story behind Lyme disease. 

Times Union News Article On Lyme – Click Here

Lyme Disease – Front Page of The Daily Freeman, With My Interview

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The interview I did a few weeks ago ended up being pushed back until yesterday, and instead of being in the LIFE section it ended up being the front page story (must have been a very slow news weekend!)  Pat did a good job on the article I thought, and I like that she spent time on LymeBites reading some of the posts as well as the comments people have left.  Check it out!

Daily Freema Lyme Article

Opinion: Lyme Disease Is a Terrifying Health Epidemic That’s Going Largely Unnoticed – AOL News

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This is a great article I saw today on Lyme disease…it is an epidemic, and we need to be vigilant…that’s why we are all out there every day telling people, nobody should have to endure the agony this disease causes. 

Opinion: Lyme Disease Is a Terrifying Health Epidemic That’s Going Largely Unnoticed – AOL News.