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Reminder: International Virtual Lyme Walk This Sunday!!!

// May 13th, 2011 // No Comments » // Eric's Blog, LymeBites Blog

Only been a few days since I posted about the upcoming first international Virtual Walk to Turn the Corner on Lyme which takes place this Sunday, May 15th.  To read my original post about the walk, you can find it here:

Time is ticking and the walk is just 2 days away, so there’s still time to join the walk and make a donation.  The Turn The Corner Foundation is an amazing organization dedicated to helping the cause of Lyme disease through education, awareness and research.  To learn more about Turn The Corner and the amazing things they do, check out their website:

I am personally so grateful for this organization.  At a time when I was very lost in this disease, trying to learn as much as I could on my own and just finding more and more conflicting information, I was lucky enough to find this organization.  In addition, it is because of this organization that the film ‘Under Our Skin’ was produced.  If you haven’t seen the film I urge you to see it.  It is an amazing documentary about Lyme disease, the controversy behind it and the patients (like myself) stuck in the middle of it.  Many PBS stations are airing the film this May for Lyme Disease Awareness Month.  (Some PBS stations are playing in June too, each PBS station is different.)  Also, you can now watch ‘Under Our Skin’ on Instant Netflix.  To learn about the film visit: For those of you with Instant Netflix, you can watch the film here:

As you can see if you don’t already know, Turn the Corner Foundation has done amazing things in the fight for awareness and understanding of Lyme disease.  Without them and their help I wouldn’t have the resources I need available, and the lives of thousands of people would not be changed because of their work.

I urge you all to make a donation to this year’s first annual virtual walk to raise money for this amazing organization.  No matter what the amount, every little bit helps.  I’m honored to be able to be a part of this groundbreaking virtual walk, and ask that you help make this a successful fundraising event, in addition you will be helping to further the understanding of what those of us who suffer from this disease go through, as well as helping as we work towards finding a cure.

To join the Virtual Walk To Turn The Corner On Lyme, visit the fundraising page where you can make your donation. I thank all of you for your participation, and by doing so you help give me and hundreds of thousands of other people hope for a chance to get our lives back, and stop others from suffering the way we have.

Thank you again for anything you can do to support this wonderful cause with me!

1st Annual International Virtual Walk To Turn The Corner On Lyme

// May 9th, 2011 // 2 Comments » // LymeBites Blog

The wonderful organization Turn The Corner Foundation is putting on the first ever virtual walk for Lyme Disease.  It takes place this Sunday, May 15th.  And anyone can be a part of it simply by following the link below and joining the fight against Lyme Disease.  I’ve already joined the walk and ask that those of you who are able also do so, by making a donation for this important cause.  To quote Teri Raser, recipient of one of the 2010 Courage Awards given at the annual fundraising Turn the Corner Foundation fundraiser:  ”Without organizations like them, there would be no hope for people like me.”  That is why it’s so important to help this organization fulfill their many missions and goals.  Please join me in this virtual walk and help make the changes to Lyme disease that are so desperately needed, through the amazing work of this organization on behalf of Lyme disease patients everywhere.

Thank you,

To join the virtual walk follow this link:

An Awesome Giveaway!!! You Gotta Be In It To Win It!

// August 26th, 2010 // 2 Comments » // LymeBites Blog

upcycled by ash lb post pic 3Most of you know Ashley van Tol.  She is the founder and creator of Lymenaide, she was the brains behind the ‘Paint May Lyme Green’ campaign, she is a frequent writer here on LymeBites, very active on Facebook and Twitter in raising awareness to Lyme disease, she’s the founder of the Lymenaide Awareness Team, and on top of all that she’s also my friend.  It’s been almost 6 months since I began working with Ashley on different projects, from writing for her website, to working like crazy all through the month of May to get the PSA’s done, to spread our message, and to be involved in Lyme awareness events from coast to coast.  In that 6 months I’ve come to love her like a sister.  She inspires me.  She is always raising the bar.  She is brilliantly creative.  And I don’t think there’s anything she can’t do when she puts her mind to it.

Part of what Ashley loves to do is to help do fundraising projects for not-for-profits.  At this time neither Lymenaide or LymeBites are not-for-profits, so we joined forces with other Lyme organizations in May to raise money to do the PSA’s.  But beyond Lyme Ashley took up a cause in the past few months with the Gulf Spill.  She began working with Nani, another team member and craftivist, and began upcyling projects to raise money to help with the Gulf.  We are kicking off another upcycling project this fall to benefit Lyme disease, and we’re really excited with all she and Nani are doing for that.

upcycled by ash lb post pic 4Ashley created another persona for her upcycling projects, and you can follow her adventures on her upcycling blog Ash’s Upcycled Blog.

upcycled by ash lb post picRight now she is in the middle of a very exciting giveaway, where you can choose your own bag!  You can enter as many times as you like, to find out how to enter and read more about it you can check out her post on the project Choose Your Own Bag Giveaway.  I encourage you all to check out her amazing stuff and enter the upcoming giveaway.  Her products are incredible, individual and make a great gift for your wife or girlfriend (for all you guys out there!!!)

You can also follow Ashley’s upcycling on Twitter @upcycledbyash as well as on Facebook at Upcycled By Ash Facebook Page.

Make sure to enter as many times as you can and increase your chance at winning the bag you choose!!

Way to go Ashley on such a great project and on the giveaway.  I already have picked out who I’m going to give it to if I win!

upcycled by ash lb post pic 2