Dr. Phil Addresses Lyme Disease

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I probably should have posted about this BEFORE he did the show on Friday the 13th (really…that’s a good thing) covering Lyme disease. I’m posting about it now because he said he knew it would be a big thing on Facebook and Twitter and the Internet. So let’s prove him right, and thank him first of all for addressing such a tough and controversial issue. And secondly, to ask him to do follow up shows.

If you missed the show, it was aired on the 4/13/12 (in case you want to order the DVD or look for it on other channels). I’m including a link where you can see 4 YouTube clips of the episode, as well as ways to leave messages asking for a couple forms of follow up. If you could take a few minutes out of your day to help me, and the hundreds of thousands of others like me around the world it would mean so much to us, so much more than you can imagine the difference your few minutes can make.

I am copying and pasting this directly from Facebook and at the end will include the link for the Dr. Phil website:

This is a major breakthrough for Lyme Disease Awareness. Please, Please, Please, watch the following … and post on the message boards thanking THE DOCTOR PHIL SHOW and asking for follow up shows!!!!

Dr Phil Show On Lyme Disease

Dr Phil – After Show Discussing Politics of Lyme Disease

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2 Responses to “Dr. Phil Addresses Lyme Disease”

  1. marlene lightcap says:

    thank you DR PHIL
    Your show was very helpful in getting out the message that there is such a thing as chronic lyme. My daughter has suffered for 16 yrs and 4 yrs ago we found out it was lyme after being told that it was all in her head and there was nothing wrong with her. She is in bed all of the day and financially broke. I hope it is not asking to much for a follow up show. We would greatly appreciated. Thank you.

  2. Marlene, if you’d like to get your message to Dr. Phil you need to contact him on his actual website. The link is listed above. Unfortunately he doesn’t read LymeBites. :) Thanks for sharing your horrifying story, letting others know how many people are in this same predicament. Good luck with your daughter. Health and healing, Eric

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