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Under The Eightball Documentary

// April 25th, 2010 // No Comments » // Lyme Media, LymeBites Blog, Under The Eightball

I’ve seen the trailer for this, and heard lots of people talking about it here and there.  I believe there was a screening of it today in Long Island at a conference.

Here’s the trailer for the film:  Under The Eightball

So far I’ve read lots of positive and negative things about it online, but nothing from anyone who had actually seen it yet.  Just wanted to get some feedback from any of you who have seen it.  What did you think?  If you’re comfortable with it please share some of your feelings about it (if you have seen it,  please don’t be just dismissive and negative about it if you haven’t seen it to be able to back up what you say). 

Thanks, I appreciate it…looking forward to seeing what you guys have to say about it!  Either comment or email info to me at