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Empire State Lyme Disease Association – Capital Region Chapter September Presentation

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The Capital Region Chapter of the Empire State Lyme Disease Association is sponsoring a public presentation entitled “Lions and Tigers and Borrelia Burgdorferi…! What Every Family Needs to Know About Lyme Disease” by Albany pediatrician, Dr. Kari W. Bovenzi, on Monday, September 19, from 6:30 -8:30 pm at the Redeemer Church,183 Schoolhouse Rd., Albany, NY.

Dr. Bovenzi’s presentation will explain the reasons why families need to be well informed about Lyme disease, and she will focus on what both children and adults need to know and to look for as we go into the fall season. Ticks are very active at this time of year, and with the leaf litter that fall brings, heightened awareness and caution are urged.

Dr. Bovenzi will assess such topics as how to prevent Lyme disease; how to recognize the most common symptoms of Lyme disease; how to recognize the less common symptoms of the disease, both in children and in adults; when to seek medical attention; and what treatments are available for both children and adults.

Dr. Bovenzi will discuss some of the unique challenges inherent in diagnosing children, and she will discuss some of the common misdiagnoses that often send parents and doctors on a frustrating, demoralizing, and expensive journey looking for medical solutions.

Lyme Disease is now endemic in the Capital Region. It is a highly complex disease transmitted through the bite of a tick that that is often never even seen. Ticks transmit not only Lyme disease, but other co-infections, such as babesia, bartonella, and ehrichia as well. Dr. Bovenzi will also explain these co-infections. All these co-infections are being reported in the Capital District, and they are appearing in both children and adults from nearly all areas of the eastern US, the Capital Region included.

Dr. Bovenzi has been a practicing pediatrician in the region for 17 years. With ever increasing incidences of Lyme disease appearing in her practice, Dr. Bovenzi undertook advanced training in the fields of diagnosing and treating Lyme disease in children with some of the country’s leading experts in the field. Her clinical experience with the disease and its treatment can provide helpful information to both practitioners and the general public.

The presentation is free and open to the public.

Recent Warning on LymeBites Site

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Hey everyone…many of you have contacted me about a warning message that was up on the site on Friday saying there could be a problem with the site. Bob the Magnificent quickly took care of the problem, but it took a while for Google to re-evaluate and remove the warning message. Have no fear, the site is fine and all warning messages have been removed. Thanks for the many emails to let me know about it, and thanks to Bob for getting it taken care of so quickly!

Interview with Candice Accola on Lyme Disease

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Candice Accola, one of our angels from the PSA’s, and from the show The Vampire Diaries, speaks with Liol magazine (who also interviewed our very own Ashley van Tol) on Lyme disease, her part in the PSA’s and her friend Teri.  She also mentions Teri’s mother Helen, who many of you on Facebook know and who has shared some of her Lyme poetry on LymeBites. 

Check out her interview…and thanks again to Candice for taking a stand for Lyme disease and for her friend Teri.

Cast of The Vampire Diaries Learn About Lyme PSA

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Check out this great PSA with the different characters of The Vampire Diaries.  It’s the LymeBites featured video of the week.  A huge thank you to them for all their help, and to Ashley and her brother for all their work and organizing and planning…they made the PSA’s happen, we were all just here to help them along!  May is far from over yet, the spreading of awareness continues!!!  Please share the PSA with your friends and family.

Q and A: Round 2

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Just a reminder there will be another round of Q&A with me coming up this week.  If you want to have your question answered, just make sure it’s (somewhat) related to Lyme disease, and remember you can ask me anything at all, as long as you wouldn’t be too embarrassed to have me answer in front of my mother. 

Submit all questions to Eric