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Lymenaide Holiday Bazaar!!!!

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Very exciting news from Team Lymenaide today as we announce our upcoming virtual Holiday Bazaar!!

Check out Lymenaide now to read all about the Lymenaide Holiday Bazaar!!!

Learn About Lyme

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Some of you may remember, that in May during our Paint May Lyme Green campaign, one of the things we did was to create a website devoted to Lyme education and resources.  It’s a great one stop site for state by state Lyme info, personal Lyme stories and websites, as well as info about Lyme disease and where to learn more about it.  It’s a great resource and tool for those with Lyme, as well as those who are looking to learn about Lyme, especially those recently diagnosed with Lyme who are new to the world of this disease.

Be sure and check it out, and share with your family and friends.  We are continually updating it with new info as we get it, and our goal is to keep this as a valuable resource for the Lyme community.  We appreciate your support!!

Learn About Lyme Website

The Wellspring – Lyme Disease Supporters

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Talia and Dov - The Wellspring
Talia and Dov – The Wellspring

The Lyme disease community is becoming truly blessed with wonderful supporters. Today we want to introduce you to one of our newest supporters, Talia Osteen and her band The Wellspring, which includes herself and Dov Rosenblatt.

Back in May Talia was one of the first celebrities to sign up to star in the Lyme disease public service announcements Lymenaide produced. Unfortunately timing didn’t work in our favor. She was bummed and we were bummed, but we promised to keep in contact and make something happen in the future. True to her word, Talia has stayed in touch with us and in making Lyme disease awareness an important message.

We sent Talia and The Wellspring one of our celebrity press kits. We also asked them if they would like to get involved with our Lyme celebrity upcycle fundraiser this Fall. They said yes! If you don’t know about the upcycle fundraiser you can read more about it here- We are humbled by the support of our celebrities in helping us, and thankful for The Wellspring’s participation in our fundraising efforts.

We are also excited to announce The Wellspring performed at a benefit for the Gulf in NYC on July 25th and released The Wellspring EP on iTunes on July 29th. They are extremely talented and their music is good for people of all ages no matter what genre of music you prefer. Their EP release is amazing and we’re sure you’ll enjoy it as much as we do. Please check them out and show them the same support they are showing the Lyme Community. You will be healing more about them and their Lyme disease support soon!

More from The Wellspring-

Get The Wellspring EP on iTunes for only $4.95-

Talia Osteen
Talia Osteen

Thank you again to The Wellspring for their wonderful music, as well as a special thanks to Talia for taking part in our Lyme disease awareness projects and fundraising. Help show your appreciation for their support, here’s the link to their fan page on Facebook: We truly appreciate those who use their talents and voices to support those of us in the fight to raise awareness of this disease that causes so many to suffer so needlessly.

Congrats to The Wellspring on your release, we wish you much success!

Lyme Disease Awareness Bracelets Are Here!!

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ashley lyme green braceletsYes we finally have some Lyme disease awareness bracelets to help with our fundraising! They are “Lyme” green and they simply say Lyme Disease on them.

If you want to purchase them here are the prices-

* 20 for $50 ($2.50 each)
* 10 for $30 ($3.00 each)
* 5 for $17.50 ($3.50 each)
* Under 5 = $4.00 each

To make a purchase send an email to Ashley at or Eric at, we will give you the link to pay through PayPal or the instruction to pay by check.


We Need A Fight Song For Lyme Disease, And Perhaps A Cheer Team To Sing It – FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT

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As the old expression goes, I am full of piss and vinegar tonight.  Not literally, in case you were wondering if I had found some new fangled “cure” for Lyme disease. 

Unfortunately my body feels like I am still recovering from a hike up Mt. Everest, so it’s a little hard to act like someone who is full of piss and vinegar.  But let me cover a few key points of what is going on.

Hopefully you all read Ashley’s post yesterday about how united we can conquer this disease, as she introduced the new Lyme awareness team and gave an update to her readers as to what is happening with Lymenaide.  This changes nothing about LymeBites, except that in addition to what I’ve bee doing all alone we will now have Ashley and Candice both blogging from here on LymeBites.  While I will continue to write and let you all along for my journey through Lyme disease, the site will just be expanding with even more information and great writers on it. 

But I’m not one for being kept quiet, and while I’m sick, spending so much time in bed, the only way for me to make noise is with my laptop, that’s sort of how LymeBites began in the first place.  And so it will continue to be. 

I am THRILLED to be part of this amazing team.  If you haven’t gone on to check out Nani’s site and Candice’s blog, I implore you to do so.  Along with Ashley and myself, they help to make an amazing team committed to working together with you, and everyone else effected by this disease, to bring about some major awareness of this disease. 

We thank you all for being our faithful readers and fans, and look forward to continuing to earn and deserve the faith you have in us.  We have a lot of really exciting awareness projects coming up, and are joining forces with some other amazing organizations and causes for fundraising efforts.  This is an exciting time in Lyme disease, as anyone can tell you the past two years have brought an explosion of exposure to Lyme disease in many ways.  From the high numbers of people infected with the disease, to awareness efforts of some amazing groups and people.  We are excited to join the fight at such a crucial time in the disease when we have the opportunity to use our voices and our experiences to help stop others from this awful disease. 

So you will notice changes to LymeBites as far as the layout and design go as it slowly expands into a larger site.  At the same time Lymenaide is having it’s transition, we will be welcoming the additions to the LymeBites team.  But have no fear, I will continue as my aunt says “be funny in a funny sort of way” as I try to share my story with you.  Sometimes it will make you cry, and a lot of times I hope it will make you laugh.  Because when fighting Lyme disease it’s important you do both, laugh and cry…they are both good for your soul and in your journey towards healing.

In the meantime, we are interested to hear what topics or ideas you guys might have that you want us to write about or include in our posts.  Please send any topics or ideas to where we will see what we can do to address them. 

We cannot let Lyme disease win.  Those of us who are sick, we must beat it.  We must fight for that.  Those of you who are not sick, we cannot let Lyme disease claim you as a victum.  We must fight for that.  Thank you for taking part in this fight, on both levels.  We will not lose this fight, we cannot lose it.