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9am-Noon: Day In Life Of Lyme

// December 6th, 2010 // 1 Comment » // 9am-Noon, Day in life of Lyme, Eric's Blog


It was after 2 before I got to sleep last night.  Getting my required 10 hours of sleep (which often doesn’t feel like enough), was not an easy task since I wanted to be up at 10 this morning to get my day started.  The alarm went off at 10.  I hit snooze.  The rain was pouring, a “heavy rain” day according to the weatherman, and he seemed to be right.  Perfect sleeping weather.  10 minutes later my alarm went off again, and again, I hit snooze.

It’s now 10:15 and the first medicine alarm of the day goes off.  It’s time for one of my powdered supplements.  I’m still snoozing through my wake up alarm though, and stay asleep until 11 when my next medicine alarm goes off.  The first round of supplements to take with food are due.  This also means I should have eaten sometime between 10 and 11.  But as I continued to hit snooze, none of this was happening.  11:15, next medicine alarm goes off.  Time for my drops…twice a day I take medicine from a dropper bottle.  Right after that, I take a probiotic.  It’s now an hour and a half after I should have gotten up, and I finally do.

My first thoughts are of stress as I wake up, now I have to reschedule the first 2 hours of medicine, food, powders and liquids and yet somehow stay on schedule for the day.  Many days my body doesn’t allow me to get out of bed until much later in the afternoon.  I figure I did better than most days, get up and immediately start gathering all the morning pills.

So by noon I have taken my first 29 pills of the day, 3 drops of my liquid medicine, 2 scoops of my powdered medicine and a packet of Emergen-C.  I have to wait 45 minutes now until I can eat.  I try to eat earlier in the day, take the pills that go with food then, wait the required 2 hours for the rest and take those around noon, but I’m always caught in between wanting to make my body go by the hours I need it to function versus what my body wants, like sleeping until it’s done.

This is something I’ve struggled with for most of the 18 months I’ve been disabled by Lyme disease and its co-infections.  There are days my body will not sleep until 6 or 7 in the morning, those days my body needs to sleep until the afternoon.  There are nights when 10 hours of sleep aren’t enough, my body just begs for more.  Some days it feels wonderful to just let my body have what it wants.  But on those same days, I feel like I get nothing done.  By the time my body starts to “function”, the rest of the world is on their way home from work getting ready to settle down for the day.

Granted my daily activities include spending inordinate amounts of time in bed, resting, avoiding discomfort and pain, but I’m still alive.  I’d still like to have a portion of a life.  So I’m in a constant struggle with myself to be productive and try to live within the hours of the rest of the world, while also trying to give my body what it tells me it needs.

Right now it’s telling me I need food.  Thus ends the first 3 hour period of my day…which I slept through all of about 45 minutes of.  All 45 of which revolved around medication.

On to the next 3 hours.

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