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Welcome to LymeBites. My name is Eric Rutulante, and I was diagnosed with Lyme disease in June of 2009. That was preceded by 20+ years of a strange medical history. It seemed for every problem I encountered I’d find a doctor who would tell me nothing was wrong, it would just go away, or it wasn’t their area of specialty. Unfortunately I had blind faith in those who were entrusted with my health, which allowed Lyme disease and co-infections to work their way through my body for many years. The day after my 36 birthday (May of 2009) I woke up sick, and have been sick ever since.

As I began my journey with Lyme disease I began to be amazed at what a broken system there was behind Lyme disease, and what a problem it created. As I fought for my life, and to find a doctor who could, and would, help me, I began a journey I never imagined possible. This website was designed to help share Lyme disease information and resources, especially as I go through my own fight to get my life back, I hope to share some of what I learn with other people with Lyme disease.

It is also a site designed to help raise awareness about Lyme disease. If better awareness any time in the past 20 years of my own life had been around, then perhaps I wouldn’t have gotten so sick that I can no longer work now. While I am already a sick, I hope that my story can help prevent someone else from becoming this sick. Or to help someone searching for medical answers with the information they need to know about Lyme disease.

Mostly as I learn more and more about this insidious dieasse, I can’t help but feel the importance of sharing what those of us who are inflicted with it have to go through in order to survive. Lyme disease is an extremely controversial disease, with controversy on so many levels, both within and outside of the Lyme community. My goal is not to waste energy on the controversy, but just to give people the resources they need in order to learn bout thise disease on their own.
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To contact Eric send an email to EricRutulante@LymeBites.com
To contact us here at LymeBites send an email to LymeBitesDotCom@yahoo.com

*Please note that I am NOT a medical professional, just a patient of Lyme disease and it’s co-infections. I am not an expert or scientist either, just someone going through the journey and sharing that along with what I learn along the way.

**Special thanks to Web Master Extraordinare Bob Baker, do not be fooled in any way shape or form, I could not do any of this without him. As I go along he’s teaching me and I’m learning stuff, but LymeBites would not be if not for him and his amazing talent. To contact him for your own web design needs email him at bbaker@bakercad.com. Tell him Eric sent you, but don’t make him think I sent you to beat him up or anything, that’s not cool. On a side note, Bob is the one who actually had the idea for me to even start a website, and he came up with the name for it too. I guess now that I write all that out it sounds like all I do is sit around and look pretty while he does all the work!