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Welcome To The Club Utah

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Just an East coast disease?  I think that’s been proven wrong time and time again (ask all my sick friends in CA).  Utah, now the fight starts for you guys to even be recognized as having the disease in your state, let alone to get the help you need.  Check it out.

Lehi, Utah Argument Over Lyme Disease

It’s Bodily Fluid Day On LymeBites

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As if being sick with Lyme disease isn’t bad enough, now when you get Lyme disease you have to call all your former partners to notify them? 

Lyme Spirochetes in Semen Samples

And then there’s this.  Northern Ohio Red Cross Blood Donations With Lyme? Nope.  What they say is:

Lyme Disease

Accept persons with Lyme disease if they were treated, the disease resolved and at least 1 year has passed.
Those with chronic Lyme disease are not eligible to donate blood.

I wonder why they would ban donated blood if you have Chronic Lyme Disease if the rest of the world is trying to tell us there is no such thing.  So the IDSA can deny the existence of it all they want, but besides the thousands of us with it, even the Red Cross knows better. 

That’s all, it’s been an intersting reading day about Lyme for me.  I didn’t set out today to read articles on bodily fluids and Lyme bacteria, but that’s kind of how the day went.

Candice Accola from “The Vampire Diaries” Lends Her Voice To Lyme Awareness

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Lymenaide has an amazing post today from Candice Accola, from the hit TV series “Vampire Diaries” as she helps to Paint May Lyme Green.  Please check it out:

Candice Accola on Lymenaide

5 Things I Love About Lyme Disease

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One of the top 5 reasons I hate Lyme disease is because I have heart attack symptoms every day.  If I ever actually have a heart attack I won’t know the difference.  Now I’m wondering what the other top 4 reasons are that I hate it for.  But then I decided there are more than enough reasons to hate Lyme disease, and thousands of places a day that are devoted to the reasons to hate it. 

So how about something different?

Can you think of 5 reaons why you LOVE Lyme disease?  Okay, okay…stop laughing, I’m serious!  I know we’ve all been affected either as a victim of Lyme, or the loved one of someone with it.  But the old saying that every cloud has a silver lining is true, so if you really think about it, what about Lyme disease can you find that you LOVE?

For me it’s pretty easy to come up with 5 things:

1.  As much as I hate being out of work because I am so sick, it has been kinda nice having the majority of the last year off.  Granted at least half that time I was too sick to even be able to enjoy the smallest part of a day, but as I slowly get better there’s more and more I can enjoy about the day while I am still out of work. 

2.  I have become so much closer with my family and my friends.  There are always casualties in the relationship department when chronic illness strikes, but I seem to be blessed with such amazing friends the losses have been limited.  However the ones who have stuck by my side have been amazing blessings to me and in supporting me to keep fighting to get better. 

3.  I have an excuse to always say ‘no’ when people ask me to help them do physical labor.  I am 6’4″ and over 250 lbs, most peopl expect a strong man to help them carry things, lift things or move things.  Between Lyme disease and my PICC line I always have an excuse to sit back and sip a lemonade while someone else does all the hard work. 

4.  I love the Lyme disease community.  If I had some other awful disease, I think I’d try to sneak over to the Lyme disease side of the party because it is quite an amazingly talented, compassionate and loving group of people.  I can’t think of any other group of people I’d want behind me in this struggle then the community with which Lymies have to turn to. 

5.  Milkshakes.  I have had more reasons than ever in the last year to have milkshakes, and to have them without guilt.  (Of course this is backfiring at the moment while I’m completely sugar free right now, but it treated me well for a good 11 months or so.)  And the truth is, I love milkshakes.  So if I’m gonna have to suffer with something like Lyme disease, then I’m glad it’s reason enough to have good milkshakes on a regular basis.  (Anyone can have bad milkshakes on a regular basis.)

See how easy that is?  So I want to know…what 5 things can you come up with that you love about having Lyme disease?  (If you can only come up with 3 or 4 I will not be grading you on this, so that’s okay too.)

Q and A: Round 2

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Just a reminder there will be another round of Q&A with me coming up this week.  If you want to have your question answered, just make sure it’s (somewhat) related to Lyme disease, and remember you can ask me anything at all, as long as you wouldn’t be too embarrassed to have me answer in front of my mother. 

Submit all questions to Eric